1D imagine

Well if you want it just comment or mention on twitter and i make you one
ps.i dont do dirty imagine and my twitter name is @S_Amanda_S


2. For Animal1107

you just chilling out at starbuks suddenly a man whit blonde hair and blue eyes come to you and say 

"im sorry to interrupt,but is it hurt to fall from heaven?"

you just smile and blush

"im niall btw"

"im gabrielle"

"you know you really are the most beutiful girl i ever see"

"no im not my hair is just a normal wavy hair and my eyes is just a normal green eyes"

"no is not, are you want to now what i see in you"

you just nod

"i see the most beutiful girl whit the most beutiful wavy brown hair and the most beutiful green eyes"

he said whit a smile,you did not say anything there and almost want to cry,he see you want to cry and said

"dont cry gabrielle,i dont meen to hurt you"

"no you dont hurt me,it just you the first person that ever say that to me"

and thats how you meet your boyfriend niall.


ps:sorry if you dont like it gabrielle :) i do my best next time and i put wavy brown hair because i dot no if your hair is straight,wavy or curly


Ariza K.Amanda

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