Inside The Book!

This is no ordinary book, it had been in the Gallagher generation from the beginning but never supported them exactly. When the father reads his daughter this story and she doesn't want to hear no more...............Well she broke rule number 1.

This journey begins inside the book a world full of magic and discovering more about your own generation. There is always the good and the bad.


1. The bed time story.

Normally the mother reads her little girl a bed time story but today she had a late night shift so the father did. Well he really knows nothing about children, he read his favourite book to his child. It wasn't any kind of book it was THE  book. This book was given to the father by his dad. As he read the book the girl grabbed her teddy bear and screamed " STOP DADDY, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR NO MORE".

" But....... we haven't  reached the best bit yet" the dad replied. 

"Oh you will " a voice replied all of sudden out of nowhere.

It was the book talking, it slipped out of the dads hand and floated around the room. The dad took hold of his daughters hand and was determined to get out of the room with out the book noticing. As soon they were about to get out the door , the door shut closed right in their face. 

" Nice try, I have eyes everywhere" the book laughed.

The dad anxiely replied " well what is going to happen!"

"Um... your daughter broke one rule, this book has been in your generation since the beginning. There is a reason why your father gave it to you." the book explained.

" What rule?" the dad questioned.

" She didn't want to read no more........ and get ready because you two are  going inside me" the book replied

A hole appeared in the middle of the book and the book told them to jump in. " How " the dad asked.

" Just jump in okay! and oh yeah I forgot to tell you but you're going to court." the book replied.

As the father and the daughter jumped in the book from the bed. The father worriedly  screamed " What, I am going to court !" 


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