Inside The Book!

This is no ordinary book, it had been in the Gallagher generation from the beginning but never supported them exactly. When the father reads his daughter this story and she doesn't want to hear no more...............Well she broke rule number 1.

This journey begins inside the book a world full of magic and discovering more about your own generation. There is always the good and the bad.


3. The bad and the good.

After court, the great great great grandfather wanted them to stay at his place. On their way the father went inside an ice cream shop while the grandfather and the girl was waiting for him they witnessed THE book. The book sophisticatedly asked " whatttt, are you going to jail little girl ".

" No stupid"  The girl replied.

" Hey, don't you ever call me stupid ever again you understa....." the book threatened.

".... Don't you ever say that to her ever again, do I make myself clear " the grandfather demanded.

" Why are you on their side, I have been with you for all your life and this is what I get" the book declared.

" Book, you know I love you but this is my great great great granddaughter" the grandfather explained.

"Since you're a book, well should of  you meant to know all this." the girl said.

" Okay, no more Mr nice guy over here. Yes I knew this all along but I couldn't introduce you to each other because I wanted to be the king of this place not YOU!" the book hissed and angrily pushed the grandfather on the floor as he took the girl and fled away.

The dad just got out of the shop licking his ice cream on one hand and holding two ice cream on the other. He looked around for his daughter and then asked his great great great grandfather  "where is she?".

" Don't look at me, it was the book...... well he turned evil and was evil on the inside" the grandfather stammered.

" Please tell me you're joking, now my wife is obviously going to kill me" the dad gulped.

" well don't worry, I am sure she will not kill you " the grandfather.

" of course she isn't but she will get angry and lets go look for Sophie" the dad commanded.

" okay, I will call my magic carpet" grandfather said

The dad looked at the grandfather strangely and nosily asks " did you just say a magic carpe........"

The magic carpet interrupted and said " hello, how are you doing"

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