Inside The Book!

This is no ordinary book, it had been in the Gallagher generation from the beginning but never supported them exactly. When the father reads his daughter this story and she doesn't want to hear no more...............Well she broke rule number 1.

This journey begins inside the book a world full of magic and discovering more about your own generation. There is always the good and the bad.


2. Court.

The book dropped them out side the courts door and told them " I am going to go now bye"

" Wait, you're leaving us alone. " the dad replied.

" Well......... um not really.... I will be back don't worry" the book hesitated.

" Please stay, where are you going to go anyway?" the dad begged.

" I have a date with the best girl in the world" the book said.

" What YOU have a date" the girl said.

" What is that supposed to mean LITTLE girl " the book asked.

" Um....... nothing, its just that you're a book and don't call me LITTLE ,I am 8 years old thank you very much!"

The door of court opened and told the father and daughter to come in. The dad dragged his feet anxiously toward the judge with his daughter on his back.

" What is you're name" the judge asked

" I am Joe Gallagher and this is Sophie Gallagher"

The judge took of his glasses in shock and replied " you're a Gallagher"

" Yes" the dad said curiously.

" Welcome son, I am your great great great grandfather " the judge cried.


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