Demon Rising

Terror is my world.

I have yet to accept it, to kill my yearning for a brighter future. I am uncertain I will ever destroy that desire.

Though I look the part of a demon, I do not intentionally reap and sow fear, hatred or chaos. To the contrary, I am rather...gentle.

Now, I imagine you must be puzzling over what I mean, wondering which piece fits to which. Sit, if you have the time, and I will tell you.

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2. Prologue







Robert Smith possessed a more than generic name, had lived an average life as a therapist—working with average patients—and adored his wife and two children. He had come to discover that the level of life he had achieved was unsatisfying and unbearably dull. He went to work six days a week to pay for his suburban home and ensure his children a place in decent colleges.

The repetitive schedule had begun to drill a numbing hole in his skull where he could feel all of his life’s potential leaking from.

When the elite researchers, studying a sentient, as-of-yet-unnamed specie tapped his shoulder then, he was thrilled to accept the job. They wanted him to evaluate their specimen to see if it was stable enough to be released into society. A wonderful change in pace to Mr. Smith; a break away from the ordinary. How hard could it have been to speak to it? After all, even the press called it an animal.

Arriving at the institute—trimmed brown hair combed back neatly and brown eyes sparkling with anticipation—he was unnerved by the number of halls they took him down. First one, then to the left, then the right and back again. It was enough to drive him mad before, at last, his guide stopped at a plain silver door. Robert smiled tentatively.

Is this it?” he asked, nervous now that he was genuinely there.

The guide nodded, “Yeah. He's in there. And don't worry, he's not half as terrifying as he looks.”

Robert's eyes widened as the guide walked away. He stared at the door a moment longer before taking a deep breath to steady himself. He turned the knob and the door swung open noiselessly.

He was surprised to find the creature look up at him with a start when he entered the room. To be honest, Robert was shocked to see it. It was tall, to be sure, even when sitting and appeared as though it could have modeled for David were it not for the rich crimson skin. It had large, leathery wings and a snaking tail that ended in a broad arrow-head the size of Robert’s hand. Two thick horns, of varying shades of brown, grew from its forehead and curved over its skull to the back of its head.

The beast watched Mr. Smith with bright green eyes set beneath heavy brows. “Good morning, sir. I would have dressed more appropriately had I known you were going to look so sharp.”

Robert glanced down at his navy blue suit, frowning in confusion. “Ah, right. Erm, am I understanding correctly that you’re the…patient?”

The demon chuckled and Robert’s stunned mind was able to notice how deep the demon’s voice was, causing him to shudder. “Such a polite term compared to what I have become accustomed to, but yes. Please, sit. I was told the appointment could last all day and no man I have met has stood that long before.”

Robert nodded. Straightening his jacket nervously, he sat across from the demon with a sigh, setting his bag by his feet. His eyes widened when he realized that his suit matched the color of the demon’s lips perfectly. “Are you alright?”

The demon nodded politely, “Yes, sir. Why do you ask?”

Your lips! They’re blue,” cried Robert, outraged. It spoke like a person! How could these researchers mistreat it so horribly? Was there something they had not told him? He refrained from glancing at the door in his mild trepidation.

Of course, sir, that is their natural color,” replied the demon calmly, touching a curved claw to his pointed chin, appearing thoughtful, “Although, I do appreciate your concern.”

Robert cleared his throat, sighing again. This was the strangest day he could recall ever having, “Right. So, let’s get this started.” He pulled a pen and pad of paper from his bag. “What’s your name?”

Cory Charles Lawrence,” answered Cory, fidgeting and glancing at the door.

Robert frowned. “Is something wrong?”

I apologize. I have nervous issues regarding an unending list of things that I am certain we will address at one point or another,” sighed Cory, closing his eyes. Robert waited patiently for the demon to recover. Eyes snapping open, Cory waved a hand to Robert. “Please, continue.”

How old are you?”

I will be 68 on the ninth of August.”

Robert glanced at the demon’s youthful appearance incredulously. “And how long have you been at this facility?”

Forty-one years, tomorrow,” murmured Cory, eyes becoming distant. He sighed heavily, leaning back in his chair. He stared at his hands tearfully, “A very long time, sir. One’s appearance, in every sense, can change drastically, their life even more so. You look like a young man. How old are you?”

Robert blinked in surprise. He had never had a patient ask him that before. “Forty-six.”

Mm, young indeed. Do you love your wife?” he asked, pointing to Robert’s ring.

Immensely,” replied Robert reflexively.

Cory nodded. “Do you have any children?”

Two girls. Why are you asking all of this?” inquired Robert, pen poised. Whatever the reason, it was sure to be useful in his diagnosis.

Cory smiled with a doleful look in his eyes, revealing a few sharply pointed teeth. “Forty years alone is…brutal. I find it comforting to know that others can still enjoy what I lost. When did you propose?”

When I was twenty-four. Why do you find it comforting?”

A glistening droplet streaked down the demon’s angular face. “It helps me imagine my life, had I not been brought here. From what I recall I was twenty-seven, bound to inherit a farm outside of a small town I called home. It was the most I could ever ask for being what I am and it was the curiosity of this facility that…Well, I would be impolite to finish that sentence, so I will not. Do you understand why it is I ask to know if a wife, children and home are enjoyable?”

Robert nodded numbly, pale skin paling further as an alien guilt shivered up his spine. “Yes. Yes, I do. Can you tell me what it was like for you growing up?”

Cory’s eyes slid half-shut and became distant, but he nodded. “Yes. I remember all of it quite well and I miss it. Would you like me to make it a story for you, sir, since you seem so intrigued?”

Please, do. I’ll stop you if I have any questions that can’t wait.”

Well, then. Let me see how best to begin…”

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