Demon Rising

Terror is my world.

I have yet to accept it, to kill my yearning for a brighter future. I am uncertain I will ever destroy that desire.

Though I look the part of a demon, I do not intentionally reap and sow fear, hatred or chaos. To the contrary, I am rather...gentle.

Now, I imagine you must be puzzling over what I mean, wondering which piece fits to which. Sit, if you have the time, and I will tell you.

**Note: This is book one of four in the series and IS published and available for those who prefer physical format! Buy the full paperback here by copy/pasting: ! Or for the Kindle here: ! Please enjoy, share it if you love it, and let me know whatcha think! ^.^ ~Karma @};-


1. July 17th, 1956


July 17th, 1956


Dear Diary,


I met the strangest boy today, the boy that Grandma used to tell me about. He's very shy and quiet and polite. Oh, and he does look...different. I don't want to say anything that might be mean or impolite, but he's very different.

To be honest, I don't think he's human. Mother says that people are born differently sometimes, that they're very special people who need special care. But that's not often that people are born that way, and not like this. Normally, only one or two things are not wrong but different about someone, not everything.

It's no small wonder all of the other kids say that the Lawrence house is cursed, though. That boy...I'm not surprised he frightens people without meaning to, since he does look rather frightening. He doesn't scare me much, though. I think he's harmless, all scared and alone the way he is.

I find it funny, though. Grandma said he was a demon, but he was a good one. Does that mean that there are bad ones, too? Or is it like angels falling because they're bad, only because he's good the Devil won't let him stay in Hell anymore? I wonder if that means he can go to Heaven with the rest of us. Or does he have to stay here if no one wants him?





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