Demon Rising

Terror is my world.

I have yet to accept it, to kill my yearning for a brighter future. I am uncertain I will ever destroy that desire.

Though I look the part of a demon, I do not intentionally reap and sow fear, hatred or chaos. To the contrary, I am rather...gentle.

Now, I imagine you must be puzzling over what I mean, wondering which piece fits to which. Sit, if you have the time, and I will tell you.

**Note: This is book one of four in the series and IS published and available for those who prefer physical format! Buy the full paperback here by copy/pasting: ! Or for the Kindle here: ! Please enjoy, share it if you love it, and let me know whatcha think! ^.^ ~Karma @};-


14. December 26th, 1961


December 26th, 1961


Dear Diary,


Today has been nothing short of wonderful. This morning I awoke beside Cory. It was an accident, really, but I suppose I can't feel guilty or ashamed since no one woke me up to go home last night.

It was overwhelming when I opened my eyes to find him watching me. It was not so much that he frightened me, rather it was the way he watched me. I think the word I want is with reverence. He smiled and tried to hide something from me, though, and I can't help but wonder what that was. From the glimpse I got I can only imagine that it was pain.

From then, though, he took me to the window and the chair beside it. I sat on his lap and we watched the sun rise across the farm. I must admit, though, I watched Cory watch the sunrise more than the actual event. It was beautiful. He seemed enraptured by it, but he also looked a little sad. I think it was an unconscious movement when he put his hand to the window, almost like a poor animal that wanted out of its cage. He held me close after that.

I can only wonder how he can bear to live such a limited life so passionately, seeing everything through his window. How can no one else see it? He's good and kind, but I'm finally understanding that he'll never be able to live like the rest of us. I think...I want to live with him, in spite of that. I want to wake up with him again, I want to watch him watch the sunrise again, and I want to see his hidden pain heal so that he can smile completely.

I think I'll always love him, since I don't think I'll ever leave.




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