Taking the Risks of Love (one direction fanfiction)

Krystal loves One Direction. When she runs away from her home and past, she runs into Niall. He takes her home and the boys let her stay. Harry and Niall begin to fall for her. Krystal has secretly always loved Zayn but he has Perrie. But ever since the "terrible accident" she keeps a secret, she won't ever love anymore. What is the secret she keeps? read to find out!


3. Thanks Guys

Krystal's P.O.V

 We reached Niall's place. This was like a dream come true. I walked in and saw the boys. Liam and Zayn were watching TV, and Louis was tackling Harry. I also saw Eleanor and Danielle painting their nails, but no Perrie. They all stopped and looked at me.

"Nialler found a pretty girlfriend" yelled Harry.

"I'm not his girlfriend" I blushed.

"Lads I need to talk to you" he told them. Then he smiled at me and said "Krystal go join the girls"

I walked over to them "Hi guys".

"Hi hun" El smiled.

" So what happened" asked Dani.

" I ran away, and Niall wants me to stay here" I replied.

"That's good" squealed Eleanor "another girl in the house!"

They both hugged me.

Niall walked out and said "Krystal you're staying here".

"Ya, and your room is next to mine" winked Harry.

Louis slapped him on the back and laughed. I blushed at the ground.

"Thanks guys" I whispered. 

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