Taking the Risks of Love (one direction fanfiction)

Krystal loves One Direction. When she runs away from her home and past, she runs into Niall. He takes her home and the boys let her stay. Harry and Niall begin to fall for her. Krystal has secretly always loved Zayn but he has Perrie. But ever since the "terrible accident" she keeps a secret, she won't ever love anymore. What is the secret she keeps? read to find out!


2. Meeting NIall

Krystal's P.O.V

I started walking towards the park. I got tired so i sat down on a bench there. I started thinking about "the accident". I start to cry without realizing. Then someone sits next to me, I turn around so they can't see my face. 

"Are you OK love" asks a cute Irish voice.

I turn around to see if it's who i think it is. Niall Horan from One Direction.

"Wow, um, hi!" I stutter. 

"Pleased to meet you......" he hangs off.

"Krystal, my name's Krystal" I blush.

"Pretty name, so why were you crying love?" he asks me.

"I ran away from home" I whisper.

"What? Why love?" he asks.

"Long story, I'm gonna go now" I say as I get up.

"No love you're coming with me" He smiles at me.

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