Taking the Risks of Love (one direction fanfiction)

Krystal loves One Direction. When she runs away from her home and past, she runs into Niall. He takes her home and the boys let her stay. Harry and Niall begin to fall for her. Krystal has secretly always loved Zayn but he has Perrie. But ever since the "terrible accident" she keeps a secret, she won't ever love anymore. What is the secret she keeps? read to find out!


5. I'm Sorry

Niall's P.O.V

 "Krystal are you alright?" i ask her "did i do something wrong?"

She shook her head " I'm sorry, its me not you, i had a flashback of something i didn't want to remember."

I really wonder what is it and why it affects her this bad.

She falls asleep as i sing to her. I gently close the door and look for the boys.


"So you mean like something bad happened to her?" Zayn asks.

"I thinks, i mean I'm not sure" I answer.

" So when you hugged her she jumped back and covered herself like you were gonna hit her?" asks Liam.

I nod.

"Maybe someone abused her" Harry outs in.

" She does have bruises and cuts on her hands"Eleanor points out.

" And a band aid on her cheek and forehead" adds Dani.

Louis nodded " she limps too".

Then we heard screaming and yelling coming from Krystal's room.


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