Taking the Risks of Love (one direction fanfiction)

Krystal loves One Direction. When she runs away from her home and past, she runs into Niall. He takes her home and the boys let her stay. Harry and Niall begin to fall for her. Krystal has secretly always loved Zayn but he has Perrie. But ever since the "terrible accident" she keeps a secret, she won't ever love anymore. What is the secret she keeps? read to find out!


6. Dream



(Dream) "You better get your little ass here you bitch!" Cam yells. I walk towards him slowly and frightened. I'm afraid he's gonna hit me hard. 

"Slap" his hand strikes my face. I flinch, but stay where I am. 

"You said you loved me" I whispered softly. 

"I do" he says as he leans in " You know I love you babe". I nod. "Good babe, now u can prove to me that you love me" he says as he tugs on my shirt.

"I'm not ready to go that far" I say as I try to pull away. His grip is tight on me. 

"I dont care if you're not ready, I am" He growls in my ear. He pulls my shirt off. I start to yell and scream for help, no one hears me. Then he pulls my pants down. Then, he did it. He raped me. 

My best friend Hunter walks in and tries to pull Cameron off me. Cameron shoots him infront of me. 

I start to sob. But it's too late, Hunter's gone. Cameron comes back for my. He has a knife in his hand. I start to back away but he grabs me. He slices a cut across my stomach. 

He says " I'll come back babe, this is for u so you can remember who you belong to". Then he leaves. (End of dream) I wake up.


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