The next step

There are three things which I am quite sure
-Troy was my everything
-I cant come over him
-and i never will....

This story act about Sophie, there have lost here best friend Troy. And she cannot come over him. She thinks about him everyday.


1. A new beginning

I sat at the table and drinked my tea. I look’d in the cup. And saw the milk blushed in circles and remind me again, at Troy. I could not understand the situation. And all the time i just was thinking of him. My life was nothing without him. I could not feel in my heart that Troy was gone. It was not possible. I could not accept it. And i never will do. I will not come over him. I will never give up. And i will never take the next step.


A few weeks before.

Me and my best friend Troy layed down and looked at the clouds. The sun was high in the sky. And there was not a cloud in sight. The birds whistled beautifully, and loudly. And flew around in circles. It was a wonderful day. I closed my eyes. Turned around, and then opened my eyes again. I looked at Troy. And he looked at me. His eyes was beautiful. Clear and blue, with a touch of green.

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