kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


5. watching a movie

sophie p.o.v

zayn walked out of the room and i wore my clothes i wanted to die , i wanted to escape but whenever i want to escape , harry will be there !!! why this is happening !!! i really had headache of thinking and  of being hurt  by that stupid harry and zayn


i woke up with a headache , i opened the door but it was locked ! why they keep on locking it !!!i was really angry

' somebody open the door !! '

i shouted

after some seconds someone opened the door it was louis

' whats wrong ? '

he said

' nothing i just want to get out of this room '

i said

' okay , by the way me , liam , harry and niall are going to the studio , so zayn will be here with you '

he said

' zayn!!!!! NO'

i said

'why whats wrond with zayn ? '

he asked

' nothing , just he ra......'

i was about to say that he rapped me but zayn was standing there staring at me with a scary look

' just he what ? '

louis said

' nothing '

i said

' louis where are you '

it was harry's voice

suddenly harry came in

' yea im coming , bye sophie '

louis said , harry stayed

' what , you are not going '

i said

' see ifyou told anyone about what happened last night ba..........'

he said but i stopped him before he completed

' bad things gonna happen i get it '

i said

he stared at me , he was really angry , i could see that from his scary eyes

' dont interrup me again ,  do you get it '

he yelled

' yea ...'

i said

he walked out,  after some minutes i walked out of the room , i went downstairs , i saw zayn sitting there watching tv , zayn looked at me

' hey sophie '

he said , like nothing happened last night

' hey bastard '

i said

' behave bitch '

he said

' no , what are you going to do '

i said

he stood up and came closer to me

' im gonna take you to your room and lock the door '

he said

' oh really '

i said

he grabbed my arm and walked upstairs to my room

' will you behave ? '

he said

' no i wont '

i said

he threw me there , he walked out and locked the door


i shouted

i sat on the bed , i was really bored , i started to sing after some minutes i heard niall voice

niall opened the door

' sophie , how are you '

he asked

' bad..... can we watch a movie ? '

i asked him

' yea sure , what movie '

he said

' you again '

i said and smiled

' okay lets go to my room , better than the living room '

he said

' okay '

i said

he hold my hand and we walked to his room he closed the door and he turned on the tv he grabbed the cd and he played it , i sat on the bed smiling at him

he looked at me and smiled , he came and sat near me , we watched all the movie , i slept in the last of the movie


niall p.o.v

the movie finish i looked at sophie , but she was sleeping , she looked very pretty, i covered her , and i lay back on the bed and i slept






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