kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


2. trying to escape

sophie p.o.v

i saw zayn,louis,liam and niall coming in i jumped out of the bed and wanted to run from them but harry pulled my wrist and i punshed him on his face and kcked him he fell off , liam and zayn hold me tight and niall ran to harry to see if he was alright or no , harry stood up and looked at me and came closer to me i couldn't move because zayn and liam was holding me tight

" behave "

harry said with anger i could see that from his eyes and then harry walked out of the room, liam , zayn , louis and niall followed him and locked the door after they left



it was late at night i wanted to escape , i tried to open the door but it was locked , shit i forgot about that , how can i escape now !!!?? , i kept searching for anything to get out of this hell i found a window in the room but it was locked too i broke it and i got hurt my arm was bloody but it's okay as long as i will get out of this hell , it was not really high so i jumped , unfortunately it harry was there harry looked at me , SHIT  now what ???!!!! he came closer to me

' where do you think your're going ? do you think you can escape? '

he said i looked at his deep anger eyes

' im not trying to escape i-i '

i said but harry stopped me and said

' shhh, yea it like i believed you then why you fell from the window ? '

i wqas speechless i stood up and he came closer and closer and istart to walk backwards till i was against a wall he came closer his head was inches far from mine i could feel his breath i was really scared from him ,

' im gonna take you inside '

he said and pulled me and walked into the house and took me upstairs to that room again !!

' if you tried to escape again something bad is gonna happen do you get it '

he said and walked out of the room and locked the door

i felt sad i wanted to get back to my friends, my world , my family , my home , my room i didnt want to stay here in this hell , my eyes was full of tears i cried so much and i felt sleepy so i slept





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