kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


18. please no hate ! -_-

sorry is you thought it was a new chapter for the story lol , i got so many comments saying that they hate my story and saying that i copied it , and some of them saying that i always make spelling mistakes

just to make it clear

i didnt copy any story you can check every story , all the ideas is from my mind

the spelling mistakes that i do , its because ill be typing fast , sorry

if you dont like the story please leave with your opinions cause it make me feel bad , and its really annoying

and some of you ask for full stops and capital letters

HUN i cant cause like i said i type very fast , so i just cant


guys im really sorry if i deleted the story but it will be all from the hates and the comments please stop it , ill try not todelte the story cause , some of you are so sweet and loved this story :)

so please stop the hate

love ya guys !!!! <3

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