kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


41. planning for the wedding

sophie's p.o.v

i was shocked but at the same time i was really really happy for anna , she found her real love , and i wont lie louis is so sweet and kind and i dont really know why he hurt her that time , but i am sure he wont hurt her again.

" oh my god guys , i'm just so happy for you !!! so lets plan for the wedding party "

i said

" yea you are right , but it will take time "

louis said

" so let's work from now "

zayn said and smiled at them , zayn was being really sweet this days , i dont know what happened with him , weird!

" yea zayn is right !!! "

i said

i was too excited for the party to see my best friend getting married to louis tomlinson.

" okay , so first of all let's buy the wedding dress "

anna said

" aha , okay , so go buy it right now "

i said and we all laughed

" okay , sophie i want you to go with me ! "

anna said

" okay , so guys im going with her to buy the wedding dress , and you go with louis to get him some stuff for the wedding !!! "

i said in excitement

" okay !!! "

all of them said

" let's go anna "

i said to anna , she smiled

" but i dont have a car "

i said

" take mine , and i'll be here in home "

harry said

" okay , key? "

i said

he threw the key and i catched it .

me and anna drived to a place full of wedding dresses , there were really nice dresses .

" so pick for me "

anna said

i smiled .

i walked around to look for a nice dress that fits her

i found a really nice one , i just wanted to buy it .

" anna , this one "

i said

she ran to me

" oh my god , i love it !!!! "

she said and hugged me

" so let's buy it "

i said

we call the woman in the shop , we gave her the price and we took the dress .

we looked for other things , makeup or anything.


zayn's p.o.v

" let's go find something for you louis "

i said

" okay let's go "

louis said

me , louis , niall and liam went to find him a nice outfit

we found him one and we bought it

we drived back home.



LOVE U !!!


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