kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


63. no one was there!

katerina's p.o.v

i knew that liam was coming , i heard someone trying to open the door , then he rang the door , of course i didnt open for him , then he broke the door , i was upstairs , he kept opening the doors and searching for me , i walked downstairs quietly and slowly , he heard some footsteps coming from the stairs , he walked slowly near the stairs , looking up for me , but i hid in a closet , he was looking in every room , then he opened the door of the room which i was hiding in , i was still in the closet , there was a small hole in the closet which i can see through it , he was looking down the bed , he came to open the closet , but here was my secret place , there was a button to the right , i pressed it and the secret room's door opened , the door was inside the closet , so i jumped to that secret place and i pressed the button which was in the secret place and the door closed fast , he opened the closet , he shouted my name ' katerina ' it was liam , i knew it was him.....

now i was safe in this secret place , i grabbed my phone from my pocket and i sent morgan a text message

morgan's p.o.v

i was very worried about liam , my phone rang and it was a message , i opened that message and it was written there

' do you really think liam can get her ?? haha , it wont happen , and it didnt work anyways , i think now the game is started bitch !! '

where is liam? what happened??

liam's p.o.v

i opened the closet , i swear that i had heard some voices coming from it , but there was nothing , no one!

where is she ? where is katerina , ill find her! no matter what!

i drived back home , i walked inside my room , morgan was laying back on the bed , harry was sitting near her on a chair , reading something on her phone , i ran to them

" what's that ?"

i said

harry gave me the phone ....


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