kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


70. next morning


no one's p.o.v

it was the time to get all of that over .

it was getting crazier and carzier , and all of that have to stop .

all of them woke up.

they all got ready .

all of them was ready for the day to get all of that over .

" come on guys let's go "

the police man said

the boys , sophie , anna , and morgan got in a black van which was louis's van .

and the police got in their car .

they went to that place.

"keep quiet , or they will figure it out "

police man said

all of them was quiet they got inside that place .

they found a blood on the floor , they followed that blood , so they will know where that blood lead them.

suddenly they were in a small room , john was there , in a crib.

anna ran to him , she held him

" john , my baby "

she said

suddenly the door closed .

someone was speaking through a microphone , but in an another room and they heard it from the speakers which was in the room that they were in.

" finally !! the time to get it all over .... but didnt thought that also the police will be over .."

someone said

" oh my god , its brandon "

morgan said

" come out of there or we will use guns "

police man said

" haha , scared the hell out of me , dummy you are in a closed and a small room , how you will shoot me ?"

brandon said

" throw your guns down , or something bad will happen , throw it now "

brandon said

" no "

the police man said

" or we will kill john "

brandon said

" throw it "

louis said

the police man threw the gun that he had , and also the others police men.

"  good "

brandon said

suddenly , something sharp like knifes was on the wall , everywhere on the wall .

the room was getting smaller and smaller .

" now it will get small till you all die , with that sharp things "

brandon said

" kill me but dont kill them , please "

morgan said

brandon laughed

" all of you will die "

brandon said

the room was getting smaller and smaller in every second .

they didnt know what to do.


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