kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


1. have a walk

sophie p.o.v

today was the day to have a walk i got my iphone to listen to some musics while walking and i grabbed my headphones and i wore sport clothes and i got out for a walk and here was the moment that i regreted

i was walking and listening to some songs of one direction my dream band and after some moments i just realized that there was a van following me for a minutes and i got really scared my heart start to beat fast i didnt know what to do to run! or to just complete my walk ! i seriously didnt know what to do after some mintues i heard footstecps ccoming near me i ran and i felt that someone is running towards me i looked back and i was correct it was boy who i think i know that boy who who who ummm YEA IT WAS ZAYN MALIK OMG!  zayn malik from one direction from the band i love is that a dream !! someone grabbed my wrist and hold me tight not in a good way he grabbed me and put me in a van and i felt really weak i wanted to kick someewhere just to escape but i couldnt he was strong enough i was moving i didnt stop from moving and kicking just needed to escape


someone yelled i got really scared and i stopped and after some minutes he grabbed me outside the van into a huge house and he hold me to upstairs and threw me on a bed and ran to the door and locked it i start to shout


i shouted and cried i covered my head with my arms and cried and cried and cried and i heard someone opening the door i didnt see who i didnt wanted to know who it was

' dont cry '

he said actually i didnt know who it was

' what do you want from me leave me alone '

i said and cried

' no i cant leave you '

he said and then i looked at him it was harry omg my crush no longer my crush i hate him now

' why tell me why '

i shouted at his face

' because because '

he said

' because what '

i said

' i dont know '

he said

' you dont know , why me '

i said

and  then i saw 4 other boys coming in zayn, louis , liam and niall


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