kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


42. getting ready

anna's p.o.v

i was getting ready for the wedding , i wore the dress that sophie picked it for me , i put some makeup , not so much cause actually i love to be naturally beautiful, i straightened my light brown hair .

i wore a white heels , i was almost done , just doing some final touches.


louis's p.o.v

i wore a black outfit for the wedding , i just combed my hair and i wore a black shoes , i was done .

after some hours, it was the wedding .

i held anna's hand , she looked very pretty .

i kissed her whispering her saying you are looking pretty .

she smiled

we married each other , and we wore the rings .

we danced together , we had so much fun .

after 6 hours

we came back home.

" we are going to be a great family "

i said

she smiled.

" congrats "

all the boys said to us

sophie came and hugged anna really tight

" congrats my best friend "

sophie said to anna

sophie looked at me and smiled

" congrats louis "

she said

" thank you "

i said and smiled at her

" oh my god , you look so cute together "

liam said to us

" oh thanks liam "

i said

" thanks liam "

anna said



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