kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


71. be quiet for a second

no one's p.o.v

the police knew that there was something wrong with them , because the police men that went with the boys , sophie , anna and morgan are not answering .

so they decided to send some of the police men to that place .

they sent some police .
they arrived there , they opened that door, when they saw the blood they kept on following it to where it lead them.

they kept walking till they saw the boys , sophie , anna and morgan in a closed room , the room was getting smaller in every second .

" oh god , we should help them "

one of the police men said

suddenly brandon came and grabbed one of the police men , he put the gun on the police's head.

" put your guns down or i'll kill him "

brandon said

the police men was about to put their guns down but the police man which was with brandon whispered

" dont, dont do it , i dont care if he killed me "

the police men shaked their heads in a no.

" shoot him "

the police man which was with brandon whispered.


he shouted.

one of the police men shooted him but at the same moment brandon shooted that man which was with him.

" call the ambulance "

one of them said.

" you think this is over ??"

a girl said which was katerina .

all of the police men looked at her .

" there is a lot of keys and one of the keys is to stop the room from getting smaller , till you find it all of them will be dead ."

katerina said.


one of the police said.

katerina laughed and ssaid

" you find it because ..."

she put her gun on her head.

" i cant tell you."

she said and smiled , then she shooted herself.

" oh shit ,what should we do now "

the police man said.

" lets search for the correct key before it's over "

another police man replied.

they went to the room which was full of keys.

all of them was just pressing all of the keys , they pressed all of them , they didnt left any key behind , but still the room was getting smaller , and it didnt stop.

" here"

one of them said.

they walked to him , there was a small green key.

" try it "

the police man said

he tried it ,and it worked , it stopped and the door of the room opened .

morgan's p.o.v

it stopped but those sharp things was so close , all of them got out , they didnt get hurt but i got hurt.

i hurt my arm with those sharp things.

liam hugged me and held me out.

" thanks "

i said

" no problem "

liam said and smiled at me .

" really thanks "

louis said to the police .

" is everyone okay?"

the police said.

" yeah , but morgan hurt her arm "

liam said.

the police came to check my arm, it was really a deep cut .

" we should take her to the hospital "

the police said.

" guys , be quiet for a second PLEASE"

one of the police men said.

all of us was quiet for a second.

" what is it ?"

niall said.

" oh my god it is a ......"

he said.





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