kidnapped by one direction !

sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???


6. at the garden

sophie p.o.v

i woke up with my head on niall's chest , i wanted to stay like that forever , i really loved niall he was so sweet , and he was always with me , and i really felt safe with him , i loved him with all my heart , i had a chance to escape but the reason that i didnt escape was niall , cause i didnt want to leave him , i didnt want to live without him

as i was looking at niall while he was sleeping his eyeds opened and he looked at me and smile

' ,morning '

he said

' morning niall '

i smiled

' i want to go to the garden today , wanna go with me ? '

he asked

' if the boys are not going , ill go '

i said

' no the boys wont go with us '

he smiled and stood up

' get ready '

he said

' okay '

i walked to the bathroom and i washed my face and brushed my teeth i went downstairs i saw harry hje kept staring at me , i ignored him and walked to niall , niall hold my hand and opened the door

' where r you taking her ? '

zayn said

' to the garden '

niall replied

' fine , make sure she dont escape '

he said and walked away

niall closed the door and we got in the car we arrived to the garden , finally im out of that house , which is full of bad and stupid boys

we sat on the grass

' so sophie , tell me about your life '

niall said and smiled

' nothing much , my mother died because someone kidnapped her and killed her and my dad is now workingg in las vegas i know nothing about him i have no sister and no brothers , im living with my friend anna , and im sure she is worried about me now , thats my life , now you tell me about yours ... '

i said

' i have band called one direction , i sing with my band , you know , liam , louis , zayn and harry , thats my life '

he smiled

' by the way , i can help you to escape '

he said

' really ???! '

i was really surprised

' yea ..... i will rent a room for you in a hotel , and ill give u a phone and my number so you can call me whenever you need me '

he said

' but what about the boys ? '

 i said

' they all gonna be angry with me , but its okay '

he said

' thanks!!! '

i hugged him

' so lets go to buy for you a phone then ill rent a room for you in a hotel '

he smiled

i hold his hand and we went to buy a phone

there was blackberry , iphone , samsung galaxy etc....

' what kind of phone you want ? '

 he asked me

' iphone'

i smiled

' colour?'

he asked

' white'

i said

niall grabbed that phone and gave it to me , he took some money and paid

we walked out of the store to that hotel

he rent me a room

its number was


' you are gonna be okay , trust me , here is my number '

he gave me his number and the room's key

i hugged him

' bye '

i said and went to that room

finally im free !!! but what about if the boys knew where i am and they came here OMG!!





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