Missing My Half

I really love this poem I did especially from the heart, it can either be told in a girl or boy point of view ;)


1. What Could It be?

Since the begining as a child

I would wander around

Just waiting for some reason

Even watching the time as it went on and on

Having dreams that I wish was more clear

Just starring up at the sky....

Thinking deeply than before

I have a mom...dad...siblings...but is that all?

Still not understanding...

Just a child growing and learning

But my chest often hurts...sometimes too much

Even become heavy...

Like a big cloud of rain ready to burst

Is it strange if I just want to cry...?

I wake up and start another day

But Its actually always the same...not one thing different

Except me...becoming taller with just more work to do

Off and on fights with parents who just don't undertand

Then funerals of the oldest and most beloved ones

No matter what that feeling won't go away

In time I return to my old home

To find what it is that I'm missing

To my surprise....

Nothing...not a treasure or memory...

As I leave walking down a path I walked many times

Starring at the sky with the wind in my hair

I for some reason pause in shock

The pain actually stopped....

Feeling my chest as I look back up....

That person I knew stood before me

Now older too yet so very lovely 

I finally realized...

I had left behind something precious

My other half....

The one that completes me and ends my story

Had left me when we were kids... were very close

I had no idea at such early age I had fallen in love

No wonder I was confused and so unhappy

Standing face to face

Neither of us knew what to say or do...

But laugh like kids under the sun

This was the person for me

Walking hand to hand down the meadow

Soon both in white with rice and flowers thrown in the air...

After all we did pretend to be husband and wife once.


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