Why me?. I'm different.

She isn't like any normal teenage girl should be like. She's depression attacks her, she writes in her diary with her thoughts.. She's in foster home's all over the world.. But she get's put into a guy named Louis' house.. Does his friend fall for her? or should I say Friends..


3. Day 3:

Time: 7:45am.

Location: New York Airport.

Dear Diary,

I am really nervous.. Why am I nervous?, I've never been somewhere this far. Doncaster.. Adopted.. ADOPTED. Like they are willing to KEEP me..

What if they don't like me? what if they kick me out. I'm gonna be out-going & nice, dammit. Screw it.. I'm gonna be the quiet girl I usually am.

I'm at the airport sitting.. waiting for my flight to be ready.

''Flight to Doncaster is ready for take off''.. Shit, shit. I'm running, writing this down.

YES! Made it. I am now on the plane, people say planes are very annoying. Because you sit with strangers, but these 2 strangers are attractive.. I don't mind at all, aha!. Even though I'm quiet, I can flirt.. I've did it before. BONUS.

These guys are brothers, they talk about a lot of things.. They always try to put me into their conversation, its quite cute. I'm talking, and talking, really enjoying myself. But after 35 minutes of talking.. I'm getting really tired. I think I'll tell them I'm going to sleep.


Time: 3:30-7:30pm.

I've just woken, and we're almost here.. Oh joy, the boy's im sitting next to.. Well, they're talking to me, about what are their favorite books. I loved Jonathan's favorite book, I've read it a lot.. The Hunger Games. I always decided I'd never see the movie, I liked reading it over and over instead.. I'd always imagine how it would be like being in it, and I would picture It in my head myself.. Fighting for my life.

'' Passengers, we will be in Doncaster in 2 minutes.'' Oh my effing god... I'm getting picked up, by Johannah? I think her name is. All I hope for is.. to feel like I'm in a family.

I'm getting off the plane, and Johannah? sees me, and hugs me. Beside her are 4 beautiful young girls & A handsome boy who looked very very familiar. Well, this should be interesting.

We get in the car, and I'm being quiet as can be. Then the handsome boy, asked me an odd question.

'' Where do baby's come from?'' while laughing. I was trying to be outgoing.. Right? like I said.

I pulled up my sleeves and said ''I think you know'' . With a laugh, this girl Lottie.. Asked me how I got those cuts, I pulled my sleeves down right fast. DAMN OH MY GOD. THEYRE GOING TO THINK IM A FREAK.

Johannah looks back at us in the Jeep, and has a shocked face.. I feel horrible. Good going Wesley, good going.

But it's like they cared.. It felt good. We're at their house now, and I'm about to walk in.. Yay, my new home. Woop De Do!. I open the door, while the handsome boy tells me.. ''Ladys first''.

I open it, and boom. ''WELCOME HOME''..  


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