Why me?. I'm different.

She isn't like any normal teenage girl should be like. She's depression attacks her, she writes in her diary with her thoughts.. She's in foster home's all over the world.. But she get's put into a guy named Louis' house.. Does his friend fall for her? or should I say Friends..


4. Day 3: Part 2

I get really nervous in front of people, well a big crowd. I've seen a bald cute guy, a curly haired sex god, a blonde babe, & a guy who looks very bad boy ish. And some famous people, and neighbors.. I suppose. I got scared, I couldn't handle it.. I ran in a room, I didn't know where I was going, but that tall handsome boy I'll be living with came in with his 4 friends.

They asked me a lot of questions, and here we go.. He brought up the cuts. I passed out legit, I haven't ate in 3 days that's probably why. Good going.. Good going..

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