Why me?. I'm different.

She isn't like any normal teenage girl should be like. She's depression attacks her, she writes in her diary with her thoughts.. She's in foster home's all over the world.. But she get's put into a guy named Louis' house.. Does his friend fall for her? or should I say Friends..


2. Day 2:

Location: Study Hall.

Time: 2:30pm.

I'm sitting in study hall, I finished all my studying or what so ever. So I'm writing in this diary, as my promise said I would everyday. Today was a bit of a piss off.. Lila (Old Best friend), humiliated me in chemistry class.

Because of my jeans?, which was stupid. Besides, this morning I found out I was moving AGAIN.. But this place is far.. Like really far, well for me. I hope to make a better start, because there is going to be a couple of girls living in that home. And a boy?, I heard. I leave tomorrow morning, I knew Jay and Linda would give me up sooner or later though, so I seen it coming.

I shall try to be out-going, even though I don't know how to be.

Great, Doncaster in the morning. The bell rings in 3 minutes, so I'm going to bed once I get home.. I've been up all night.. Thank you Wii.

Dearest Diary, good bye.

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