Why me?. I'm different.

She isn't like any normal teenage girl should be like. She's depression attacks her, she writes in her diary with her thoughts.. She's in foster home's all over the world.. But she get's put into a guy named Louis' house.. Does his friend fall for her? or should I say Friends..


1. Day 1:

Dear Diary:

9;30pm. Location: Jay & Linda's House. (New York)

I decided to buy you when I was getting a couple of things from the store, I saw you. I decided I would buy you, because I need something to let all my thoughts out. I'll write in this until the pages are gone, I promise.

My name is Wesley, I have been suffering depression & self harm since middle school. I guess it all started since my Dad passed away. My mom left us, when I was 5 years old.. He raised me since I was 12, then committed suicide. I always blamed myself, I don't know why.. I'm very quiet since, I have no friends. They don't talk to me no more, their so called 'popular' now. I'm the girl who read's for fun, is in foster family's.

I change houses a lot, they always give up on me because they wanted a regular teenager. A girl who goes on the cheerleading team, plays sports.. Not a plain old quiet girl who read's for fun. I hate myself, I will never stay put into a house where people love me.. Never. Jay and Linda are nice, sometimes.. Well they argue a lot, no doubt they will be divorced soon. None of them will want me and just give me up..

I'm going to clean my cut's, I don't want them to get infected.. When they do, I bleed and ruin my sweaters.

Then I think I'll listen to Ed Sheeran & sleep.

Goodbye Dearest Diary.





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