Everything About You

Savannah has always had a hard time. Making friends has always been a weak-point, even though she has two amazing friends: Kendal, her twin sister, and Katie. She is always bullied by the 'queen bees' at school. They always make rumors about the total opposite of her life. Her dad has a very special job and has a surprise for Savannah. She loves the band and while they are staying in England for a movie, she gets to know them. Maybe even more than just friends with a certain band mate. Join Savannah on her journey through bullying and suffering. Loss and love in Everything About You.

This is take two of Little Things. I think it is a lot better than the original one that I wrote. Please let me know. Also, I will be keeping what I have so far for Little Things up, but it will not be completed. As this is what it is now. Please read, comment, like and favorite. Thanks!!!!!!!!!


2. Meet Savannah

Savannah's POV

The sky was dark and gloomy, and looked as if it was going to rain cats and dogs. 


I was running from.....THEM..... the popular girls that made me feel like I was crap. Through the forest, running past trees, and creeks, and wildlife, away from them all. You see, I'm not the prettiest or most popular flower in the garden. I'm more of a weed than anything else. That's why the most popular girl Brittany and her minions, Bella, Janice, and Christi, always gang up on me and my friends. They are the pretty pink orchids with their flawlessness, while we're the outsiders, the weeds. 

I always get straight A's and barely have any friends. At least I have two, Kendal Boutoe, my twin sister, and Katie Everygreen. 

My name is Savannah Boutoe. I am 15 years old, and I don't care about this, but of course I'm the school freak. 

I try to stay as far away from THEM as I can because whenever they see me they spring into action. Like today, I was walking out of school to walk home, they saw me, and decided to chase me and yell things like slut, bitch, etc. I always try to get far away, but they always come after me try try to beat the crap out of me. 

I got to the other side of the thick, bushy forest to my house, leaving the scary place known as the outside world by closing my door.  I stopped behind it, pressing my back to the door to catch my breath. I then looked out the window to see if they were there................................NOBODY. 

I then sprinted up the grand staircase to get to my room. It is pretty huge. It has a big walk-in closet and private bathroom. I have three light purple walls and one dark purple wall. Half of the floor is carpeted a springtime green. The other is a light hardwood. I also have a 'beauty' station and a small kitchen. I love to cook, especially bake. 

I sat down at my 'beauty' station and studied all of my features. The redness of my hair. The scars and bruises from THEM, yesterday. The scars and bruises are also all over my body, not just my face. My green and hazel eyes stared through the front of my big, black glasses. 

I couldn't see that well through my left eye because it was swollen and black, purple, and blue. 

I kept whispering to myself, "I am original. I am unique. I am pretty. Nobody can tell me otherwise." Even though I know only half of that is true. 

"Savannah, dinner's ready!" my mom yelled up stairs. "Yeah, be right down!" I yelled back. 

I grabbed my foundation and put it all over my face. The scars and scratches disappeared. I took a pair of my Ray Bans and replaced my glasses with them. 


I looked down at my green Hollister sweats, Beatles t-shirt, and purple Uggs ruined from my 'adventure' in the forest. I then grabbed my white cardigan and put it on to hide my arms. I also took off all of my Adventure Time jewelry. Did I forget  to mention that I am probably one of the biggest Adventure Time fans ever? Well, it's true. I have all of the posters, dvds, books, clothing, etc. Whatever it is, I have it!

I don't care what I look like. I mean, I should and I do, it's just that sometimes, I just don't care. Everyone at school, except my friends, think I live in some ratty, run-down apartment building, but I don't. I live in an extremely small mansion. It is a big house, bu it's small compared to other mansions. 

My family and I live like royalty except we don't have people doing work for us. We don't need that. We are fortunate enough to have this kind of money.

My dad, actually, works with one of my favorite bands while they are on tour, IM5. He is the head bodyguard. It's been months since we have seen him and he is due back any second now. I sprung up quickly inch my way down to the dining room as my dad walked in calmly with a surprise behind him.


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