my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


7. third period

third period is gym in gym we play basketball and run 3 miles are teacher name in gym is mr.lucre

mr.lurce:today class we are going to strech and play basketball any questions

it was silent then started streching and then it was time to play basketball everybody was screaming it was hot and after a teacher walked in and watch them play after they played basketball they still had 45 minutes so they took a 15 minute break and for the 20 minutes they ran

nikayla:can we stop we stink

mr.lucre:how do you think you supose to smell

nikayla:well im stopin

mr.lucre:well stop

nikayla stoped and sat out and took a shower thoose 20 minutes went by and the students took showers and cleaned up

in the locker room nikayla bumped me and i said excuse u u got manners

nikayla:i dont got ta say jake

destiny:are you mad i think you mad

nikayla:yeah i sure am

destiny:look i dont got ta say nun cause we can just hit

destiny and nikayla started fightin


the teachers broke it up and everbody said that nikayla got beat up and she keep on sayin she didnt

so we went to the office and got suspended for 10 days




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