my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


6. second period

second period is art and in art this project is do design a shoe are art teachers name is miss.stepp and we make her angry she takes out the books and thats are project

miss.stepp:today class it is are last week for doing the shoe project


miss.step:If youll quit talkin then youll project will be finish or almost finish so no talking .come get your shoe

destiny:miss.stepp i need wood, markers,pictures on computer,and cushion

miss.stepp:wood over in the box you know were markers are and cushion in that tote and go print off pictures. how many pictures do u need?

destiny:ok and 1

miss.stepp:princeton,selena,justin,nikayla,marque come and get your papper and finish.destiny are you finish?


miss.stepp:ok start working

1hour later..................

miss.stepp:time to clean up.who finish?

destiny,selena,princeton,justin raised there hand

miss.stepp:well marque and nikyla youll have 2 have a c for this class go to your next class







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