my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


12. Morning

This morning mom was up early she cooked bacon,eggs,pannycakes,and with chocolate chips in the middle

destiny :mom why u cookin breakfast

mom: shit well I was just trin to be nice I don't have to make breakfast

destiny :well sorry I was just askin

Mario: good morning

diamond: gooood morning

destiny: *mmm*

Mario and diamond: why u say that

destiny: last night

diamond: lets not talk about that

destiny: what ever

after they ate destiny went up to her room and found her some clothes and got in the shower and went to princetons house

door*knock ,knock

Princeton: hey babe

destiny: hey

destiny reaches up and hug Princeton

Princeton: come on in

destiny: thanks your house looks nice

Princeton: thank you

destiny: look you know about the sex thing it was good and now its time to do are project and why aren't you at school

Princeton: missed the bus and parents left before I left and thank you and we can start the project right now cause I got the stuff

destiny: ok so what are we doing are project on ?

Princeton: *mmm* no clue

destiny: babe

Princeton: sorry its not easy to remember something when all u can remember is your girlfriend

destiny: awe well I guess were just were going to have to wait until tomorrow

*they kiss*

Princeton: guess what were going on a date at 7:00

destiny: ooh my god babe I love you so freaking much and guess what I have a surprise for you go to my car and get this bag with some stuff in it and it says babe on it

Princeton went out to the car and got the bag

Princeton: here

destiny: here you go a new phone which is a Iphone5,some Jordan's, and a outfit

Princeton: thanks babe but did I also give you a date I got you a dress, and some, heels, and you also got a iphone5 which is white

destiny: babe I love you with all my heart

Princeton: I love you too.

destiny: oh shit i'm late for my interview

Princeton: alright go just leave your stuff here and go

destiny: bye










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