my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


8. in the office

when were in the office nikyla just keep on mugging me.the princaiple came out and ask us to come into her office

ms.davis:first who started the fight

destiny:she did


destiny:she bumped into me because she was mad at mr.lucre because we had to run and when she bumped into me i said excuse and i said do you have any manners and she said she dont have to jake then i said are you mad i think you mad then she said yeah i am then we started fighting

ms.davis:is that true


ms.davis:so youll either going shake hands or get suspended


nikayla just stared

ms.davis:both of youll are getting suspended

destiny:fine with me

ms.davis called are parents and they came and got us







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