my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


9. in the car and at the house

when my mom came and got me and she was like did you win i was like yeah and she said i need to stop fighting.

when we got home selena called

selena:umm.. hello i ms.diamond (my mom)can i speak to destiny



diamond:selena want you

destiny:here i come hello

selena:hello what happen at school

destiny:alot of stuff

selena:tell me

destiny:ok well nikayla bumped me and i said excuse you you got manners then she said i dont got to say jake so i said are you mad i think you mad then she was like yeah im mad and i was like i dont got to say nothin but all i know we can hit they we started fightin

selena:wow wow wow so thats how it just go down

destiny:i guess so im goin call you on my phone ok


destiny:mom whats for dinner

diamond:we goin out ta eat for your dads birthday


destiny got in the shower and put on some cut up jeans areo postal shirt and samoas

diamond:you look pretty ms.thing

destiny:thank you mom you look nice too

diamond:thank you

destiny:hi daddy (mario)

mario:you 2 look nice ok now let me go get in the shower so we can leave

mario got in the shower and put on something nice

destiny:daddy you look nice

diamond:look at my sexy man

when everybody was lookin nice they went to a chineesse resturant





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