my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


1. in school

In school theres this cute boy in my class and we have to do a project and i hope im his partner.So in sixth period is sceince and we have to do a project on egypt. Guess what i was princetons partner.The charcters are me destiny,princeton,justin bieber,selena,marque,nikayla,and the teacher miss. merrez.

Destiny:So princeton do you want to do the project at me house.

princeton: uumm sure ill come over at 4:00

Destiny: perfect time.

Miss.merrez:So class you can start on your project and you have 20 minutes

Princeton: Miss.merrez can me and destiny print off some pictures

Miss.merrez: Sure

Miss.merrez: Selena and justin bieber are youll working togther?

Justin: yeah

Miss.merrez: well youll need to start working

Selena: ok dont got to get smart

Miss.merrez: Class is over go to seventh period and take what you have done home and finish and it have to be turned in two weeks from now.

Mr.brown is our seventh grade teacher and thats math class.

In math class we learn about angles and other and guess what me and princeton have all the same classes.

Mr.brown: Today class we are going to an activty in algebra 1.Math class is our last class.Class you have 20 minutes.

Destiny: Me and princeton are partner

Selena:Me and justin are partners

nikayla:Me and marque are partners

15 minutes later

Mr.brown: Class start cleaning up and get your stuff and  see tomorrow.



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