my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


3. At Selenas House

So it was 5:00 and justin was on his way to selenas house selena was just as nerves as destiny wen princeton was coming over.The door bellranged and selena hurried up and got the door

justin: you look gorgeous

selena:thank u. you can come in

justin:i have the stuff for the project

selena:oh ok i though i forgot them at school

selena  fell on the couch and justin got on top of her and they started making out

selena:wow i didnt know you like me like that\

justin well now you know i love you and how about we have sex and start are project tomorrow

selena: i think thats alright

they started having sex and selena started moning and she was saying harder but they her mom walked in on them

selenas mom: wat the hell wat is wrong with you. niga get the hell out

selena: mom im sorry dont kick me out

selenasmom: get yo shit and get out

justin: you dont talk to her like that she can live with me

selena:thank you

selenamom:bye having sex in my fucking house get yo shit and get the fuck out

selena:bye (selenasmom) temara





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