my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


4. At Nikaylas House

It was 5:30 and marque was on his way  to nikaylas house nikayla was nerves just like evrybody eles but she was nerves the most because she had never had a boy come over so she dressed all nice did her hair.Then the door bellranged and guess who it was it was marque

nikayla: hi you look nice

marque:thank you and you look nice o self

nikayla you dont have to stand in the hot sun you can come in

marque:so when i first saw you at school i just layed my eyes on yo ass and on yo boobs and i cant stop starin at them

nikayla: thats for the complament

marque: your welcome

nikayla: so what do you want to do start on the project or have sex or what

marque:i think we should have sex and start on the project tomorrow

nikayla:ok i think thats fine

marque started taking off his shirt and pullin down his pants and his boxers

nikayla:wow i didnt know your dick was that big

marque:well know you know start takin off your cloths so we can get started

nikayla started taking off her cloths and they marque stuck his dick in her coochie and thats when nikayla started monin and the neighbors herd then

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