my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


2. At home

It was 4:00 pm and princeton had to get the pictures and destiny was nerves because she though she was going to say something stupid.the door bellringed and destiny got even nerves so she just got calm.

princeton: Hi you look pretty

Destiny: Thanks.ohh im sorry you can come in.


Destiny: would you like something to drink

Princeton:sure and i have the pictures

Destiny: ok ill go get the markers and the stuff that we need and the snack tray and something to drink


Destiny:Im back with the stuff.

Princeton looks destiny in her eyes and they start to kiss

destiny:uumm wwooww i think we should get back to the project

Princeton:why when we got two weeks how about we start tomorrow

Destiny:i think so too and we go to the room and i start strippin for you

Princeton:i think so to

So they went in the room and destiny start strippin for princeton and princeton started makin destiny mon.Thats when destiny started suckin princeton dick and princeton started eatin destiny out in her coochie




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