my story is going to be about me and princeton dating and we have a school project to do and we start dating


14. 6:00

it was 6:00 and destiny had a date with Princeton at 7:00 she had a 1 hour to get ready

first she had to go back to Princeton's house and get her stuff and go back to her moms house

15 minutes later

destiny: hi babe

Princeton: hi how was your interview

destiny: good I got the job and I think I start Monday or when ever they call me

Princeton: congratulations

destiny: thanks can I have my stuff so I can get in the shower and get dress

Princeton: here

destiny left and went to her house here phone

destiny: hello

diamond: hurry home

destiny: im around the corner

diamond: ok bye

destiny: bye

knock ,knock, knock

diamond: who is it

destiny: its me

diamond: your father is in the hospital

destiny: what happen

diamond: he got stabed at work

destiny passed out her phone started ring it was princeton

diamond: hello

Princeton: babe your late

diamond:  this her mother

Princeton:oh can I speak to her

diamond: she passed out

Princeton: she did call the anbulans








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