It was the ship of dreams. (Larry Stylinson titanic)

Louis is about to go to America with his fiance Eleanor Calder and his mother. Louis don’t really love Eleanor, but his mother want him to marry Eleanor. On Titanic Louis meet a guy named Harry, and slowly they get friends, but Louis starts get feeling for him. Harry starts getting feelings for Louis too. But how will it be when Louis falls in love with Harry who is just a poor boy without any money, and Harry falls in love with the rich boy Louis?


1. Chapter 1

Titanic was called the ship of dreams.. And it was. It really was..” Louis said with a smile on his face and started think back.

It was the 10 April in 1912. Today was the day, the day that the trip to New York started on the beautiful ship titanic.

Louis sat in his fiance Eleanor’s car on the way to the ship.

”It’s gonna be beautiful in new york Louis.” She said with a smile. Louis shrugged. He really didn’t want to marry her, but his mother had told him to do it, because well.. Family Calder had many moneys, and since Louis’ dad left him and his mother they had lost all their money.

”We’ll see Eleanor. Right now I just wanna go on that so beautiful ship you have been talking so much about. I don’t even think it’s that beautiful and big.” Louis said with his sassy voice.

Eleanor sighed and looked out from the window. ”We are here!” She said with a little happy voice. Louis sighed.

”God, there are many people..” Louis mumbled while not trying to smile.

Eleanor nodded, and the car stopped. A man opened the door for them, and Louis got out from the car, looked at the big ship.

Fast Eleanor got out too and stood beside Louis with a smile.

”It’s not that big as the other ship we sailed with once.” Louis said with a sassy mean voice.

”What are you talking about? Titanic is more than 100 feet longer!” Eleanor said with a smile. Why couldn’t her fiance just be happy?

Louis looked at Eleanor then walked little bit away from her and just looked at the ship. ”God.. Why..” She whispered to herself.

”So this is the ship that can’t sink?” Louis’ mother said with a snobby voice. Eleanor nodded. ”Of course it can’t sink.” She said.

Louis’ mother nodded then walked up to her son. ”Come on boy, let’s go.” She said with a fake smile and a fake voice.

Louis nodded, and followed his mother, short time after Eleanor came behind them, and they all walked towards the ship.

Louis couldn’t stop thinking about how many people there was, and about the wedding in New York City. Was he ready for this?

”It was the ship of dreams to everyone else. To me it was a slave ship, taking me back to America in chains. Outwardly, I was somebody’s I was everything a well brought up boy should be. But inside I was screaming.” Louis said and was about to tear up, just thinking about it again.

”One game, come on Zayn!” Harry pleased. Zayn sighed. ”We can lose Harry!” Harry shrugged. ”Game or no game?” The Swedish men asked. Harry looked at Zayn.

”Game.” Zayn sighed. Harry jumped of happines and sat down on the chair.

”What are we playing for?” Harry asked then. The Swedish men looked at each other and found their ticket’s to the ship Titanic.

”Titanic tickets!!” Zayn yelled. Harry looked in his pucket and found some moneys and putted them on the table, and the same did Zayn.

They started to play, and it started to look like the Swedish men was gonna win.

”Harry, we are gonna lose..” Zayn whispered and looked nervous at him.

”We you got nothing, you have nothing to lose.” Harry whispered back. Zayn sighed.

There was a nervous silence. ”All right, the moment of truth. Somebody’s life is about to change.. Zayn?” Harry said and looked at his best mate.

”Nothing.” Said he and laid his cards down.

”Olaf?” Harry asked. Olaf laid his cards down. ”Nothing.” Harry said with a fake smile. Then he turned around.

”Sven?” He asked. Sven laid his cards down. Harry looked at them, and saw how good they were.

”I’m sorry Zayn..” Harry mumbled. 
”You are sorry!?! You bet all our money and-”

”I’m sorry.. That you aren’t gonna see your mother in a long time. Cause we are going to America!” Harry said out loud and laid his cards down. Sven and Olaf saw they had lost.

Harry was about to take all his cards back, but Olaf stopped him.
”Din forbandede usling!” He hissed and was about to punch Harry. Harry closed his eyes, just waited for the hit in his face, but instead Olaf punched Sven in the face.

Harry started to laugh and turned around to look at Zayn.

”Titanic titanic, we are going to America!” Zayn yelled.

Harry nodded and danced around with Zayn.

”You aren’t going to America.” Said a man and they turned around.

”Why not?” Harry asked with a frown. ”If you mean you are going with titanic that are leaving about 5 minutes, you aren’t going.” He said and started to laugh.

Harry and Zayn looked at each other fast, then Harry took all the money down in his pocket and they ran out from the little bar, and down where the ship was.

They ran through all the people that was waving to friends and family that were on the boat.

”Wait! Wait!” Harry yelled and ran on the ramp, and quickly got to the end.

”We are passengers!” He said and breathed fast.

”Have you been through the inspection queue?” The man that was about to close the door asked.

Harry looked at Zayn, then back on the man.

”Of course! Anyway, we don’t have lice, we’re Americans. Both of us!” He lied.

The man didn’t really know what to answer, he didn’t believe them.

”Okay. Hurry up, jump in!” He said. Harry and Zayn laughed and jumped in and landed inside the ship safely.

They smiled big and started run so they could find the room they were staying in. ”We are some lucky sons of bitches, you know that!?” Harry asked and smiled big. Zayn nodded while laughing.

Fast after they had placed their stuff inside the little room they ran outside and waved.

”Goodbye! I’m gonna miss you!” Harry yelled and waved.

”Do you know someone here?” Zayn asked with a frown.

”Nah, I’m just being nice.” Harry said with a smile.

Zayn smiled and waved with Harry.


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