Three Girls In A Krazy, Krazy World

3 girls at beginnig- Kaitlin, Abby Kate, and Tory. Chapters written in Abby Kate's perspective written by the Epic Alex Rox. Chapters written in Eleanor's perspective will be written by the not as epic Zoe XM.


5. The Wierdo

There is a new kid at school. I absolutely think she is the weirdest thing that I have ever met. If anything, we would probably get along super well. I am super weird, too. But anyways, she is in most of my classes this semester. She comes up to people under the impression that she is some sort of musician, but I absolutely will not fall for any silly cover. She seems like more of the acting type to me. Anyway, back to the point. She seems to be fooling everybody. That is, everyone accept for my little group. She is just to, well I don't know, maybe fake, to be a musician. She is also going for the lead role in our school play, so she probably couldn't if she tried. That is, be a musician. Every time I try out for the play, the popular girls come in, and just, you know, got all of the teacher love and just take me down. So, I think I need to relax, you know, so I get out my books, my laptop, and pencils and pens. I just need to study. Studying just blows me away. I turn on my laptop, go onto Soundcloud, and just listen to all of the good mixes of Vladmir Trollsteen. His music is just so amazing.

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