Three Girls In A Krazy, Krazy World

3 girls at beginnig- Kaitlin, Abby Kate, and Tory. Chapters written in Abby Kate's perspective written by the Epic Alex Rox. Chapters written in Eleanor's perspective will be written by the not as epic Zoe XM.


2. The middle of the move between the two...

                        Well, that was yesterday, and this is today, so throw that out the window, and here it goes.... I am on my way to Lowe's to copy hte key WITH MY DAD'S PERMISSION for Kaitlin and

Tory to each have a key to my room. I am rinding on my bike, and so are the other two.They are about 10 feet behind me, and my speed is getting higher and higher, as I look at the computer on my handlebars, I notice tha we have only been riding for about 15 minutes, and my speed is about 30 mph!!!!!!!  Oh, how I love riding my bike everywhere!!! We are only 1 stoplight away from the Lowe's to copy. They only came with me cuz' I'm only allowed to go into town with them, and so they can pick the design for the keys. My dad told me that I just need to be careful about who can get into my room and all. I only wanted to give them the keys because whenever we have sleepovers, tey are always locked out of my room because of the fact that it's an automatic lock door handle. Well, we are here now and we are also thinking to look at the curtains and shades for my windows. If we end up getting some, we are definitely picking red for the color. I absolutely love the shades that they have there. You know the ones that have the little ring on them? I hope that we all get the keys with the initials on them. That way we can tell them apart you know.

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