Three Girls In A Krazy, Krazy World

3 girls at beginnig- Kaitlin, Abby Kate, and Tory. Chapters written in Abby Kate's perspective written by the Epic Alex Rox. Chapters written in Eleanor's perspective will be written by the not as epic Zoe XM.


9. Eleanor the outcast

 So here's how my first week of school went.

I went to the library right when it opened and pulled up chat.

MarshMilla: Hey friend!

EllieSmelly: Hey. School sucks so far. :(

MarshMilla: Aw. Well I'm coming to visit soon. So that should cheer you up!

I was shocked. I moved from Massechusets to Cali. It sucked. I wasn't used to all th e ssun. I've lived here for six months and I'm still an outcast.

If only they could accept me.

If only they knew who I was.

If only they knew the real me.

I wish they did.

I would have friends.

I would have a popularity status.

I wouldn't be "that dork from Manhattan."

I would be popular.

"Popularity is who you are Ellz." That's what Milla said.

But it's not true.

Not anymore.

I'm a geek.

In California.

Not in my school, where I was the best actor.

In California.

One choice can change your life,


*That's a little depressing, but you know. So introducing.....

ELEANOR! She moved from Manhattan. But she's an outcast.


Btw, this is Zoe XM.


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