Three Girls In A Krazy, Krazy World

3 girls at beginnig- Kaitlin, Abby Kate, and Tory. Chapters written in Abby Kate's perspective written by the Epic Alex Rox. Chapters written in Eleanor's perspective will be written by the not as epic Zoe XM.


10. back to me

well here i am, back again at the silent library where it is nice and quiet watching some Joey Graceffa vids and all of a sudden my friends just run up to me and start talking about how they are just so excited about the dance thats on next friday, the 13th. Im just like, omg itz not that big of a deal, and why would u need to be excited about that. an they're just all like how can u not be soooo excited like usssssss itssss our first ever middle school dance. also i wanted to say if i do well in school i get to get a smartphone for christmas! i cant wait especially cuz i just knlow that i will do well. anyway, thats it for today.



| :)

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