Three Girls In A Krazy, Krazy World

3 girls at beginnig- Kaitlin, Abby Kate, and Tory. Chapters written in Abby Kate's perspective written by the Epic Alex Rox. Chapters written in Eleanor's perspective will be written by the not as epic Zoe XM.


1. beginning of it all

                                       Well, I am only 10, but I can tell the story better than anyone. Here it goes.... I was hanging out at Kaitlins house, and Tory, Kaitlin, and I were just simply shooting hoops on the back drive. Then, all of a sudden, we saw somebody pull up to my house across the street, and they had multiple suitcases with them, AND, I then figured that it was my new stepmom and stepsisters. Oh, I absolutely CAN'T STAND those two little geeks, they annoy me so bad that I had my dad give them my bedroom so they could have their own little room. I got the little pool shack outside to use as my room now. It's awesome because it has so may windows that I don't even need any lamps under my loft bed, and I have a curtain blocking the entrance, too. I have the key, and only two other people have the key, my dad and step mom. They don't even have a clue where I hid the spare key, and I was planning on taking it to Lowe's to get it copied 2 times for Kaitlin and Tory.

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