Little Miss 007

If you seen Tess Murphy in the street you would think that she is a normal 11 year old girl,but she is far from it. With a IQ of 267 and a passion for solving crimes, Tess is MI5's top agent. You see, Tess's uncle goes by the name James Bond, so with her high IQ and passion for solving crimes Tess was instantly accepted. One day when evil master mind and arch enemy P.Herring gets hold of weapons of mass destruction, Tess is put out to stop him. Will she sucseed?


1. Dinner with 'The Boss'

" James tells me you have a high IQ, correct?" The Boss asked.

" Yes sir, 246 to be exact. This is the same IQ as Einstein, sir." Tess replied.

" And you also have a passion for crime solving, correct?"

"Yes sir."

"Have you take the skills test yet?" The Boss questioned.

"Yes, which I passed." Tess replied, trying not to be boastful.

" Well, all I can say is... Welcome to the team."

                              *              *           *

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