The Secret

Sierra has a huge secret that nobody knows about, only her best friend Megan knows because she has the same secret. One day, the girls go to a One Direction concert and an accident occurs. Will Sierra and Megan's secret be found by the one they love? Will it ruin relationships? Will a certain someone come back to ruin Sierra's life?
Read to find out!


5. Who am I?

Paul's POV

"Paul, there are two girls on the ground over there!" Niall yelled towards me, pointing from on stage. I noticed them laying on the ground, unconscious. " Okay, get back to performing, we'll get this under control." I shouted back towards him. He understood and joined the other boys in singing Still the One.

The crowd was going completely mad. No one else noticed the girls except for the few that could partially see. The girls surround them hadn't even noticed. I could hardly see though because of the blinding lights. I'm surprised Niall even noticed.

"Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me?" I yelled as I pressed the button to me walkie-talkie. "We can hear you? Is everything alright?" "No! Two girls in the front row are unconscious. I need some backup!" "Gregg and I will be right there. Men, take larger posts." Andrew answered. "Got it."

Gregg and Andrew came over to retrieve the girls. The picked them up in their arms and we ran backstage. They were place on a long couch in a secret room. I checked to see if they still had their pulses. Ba Bada Ba Bada Ba Bada. Both pulses were just fine. Gregg, who had carried the girl with curly, brown hair call for an ambulance for the nearby hospital.

10 Minutes Later

The ambulance finally arrived and we rushed the girls on board. I continued with them to the hospital while Gregg and Andrew walked back to their posts.

The paramedic handed me the girls' cell phones. I turned the one with a cat phone case on and unlocked it, no pass-code at all. I went straight in contacts and looked through. I finally found what I was looking for:

'Mom <3'

I called the number and waited for an answer.

"Hello? Is everything alright Megan?" "Hi Mam. I'm sorry to bother you? Are you busy? I'm Paul, One Direction's bodyguard." "No, is everything alright?" "No, your daughter and her friend are going to the hospital. We found them unconscious at their seats. Please meet us at Mercer's Medical Centre." "I'll be right there."


I put the phone in my bag and called Megan's friend. Now I know that Megan is the girl with the dark red hair because the lock screen has a picture her. Anyway.........

"Hello. This is the Allanoe residence. We are not here right now. Please leave a message after beep." The machine answered.


"Hi, I'm Paul, One Direction's bodyguard. We found your daughter and her friend Megan unconscious at their seats. We are taking them to Mercer's Medical Centre. Megan's mum is coming. Please call back. Thank-you. Bye."

We had just arrived at the hospital.

"Sir, please wait in the waiting room while we have a doctor evaluate the patients." the paramedic explained to me. "Okay."

I walked into the waiting room and sat in the chair closest to the door. Within ten minutes, a woman ran in. She had hair almost the same exact color as Megan's. I'm guessing it's her mom.

She quickly jogged over to the front desk and began speaking to the nurse. "Hi. My name is Elizabeth Dekater. My daughter Megan Dekater and her friend Sierra Allanoe were brought in recently. May I please see them?" "I'm sorry, mam. No one except the doctor are allowed in that room right now. Please go sit down in our waiting area. We will let you know when you can see them." "Thanks."

She turned around and saw me. She began walking over and sat down. "I'm Elizabeth, Megan's mom. You must be Paul. It's nice to meet you!" "Yes I am. It's nice to meet you too.!" We shook hands and then relaxed in our chairs. "Do you know what happened?" she quickly turned around and asked me. "Honestly, no. We can barely see the audience with the bright lights. That's why there are so many of us bodyguards. Not even the band would be able to see them, but luckily Niall noticed them. All we know is that they were unconscious at their seats and had bruises on their foreheads." I answered back. "Are you sure that they will wake up" she croaked. "Positive." She began crying and choked out, "Megan and Sierra didn't deserve this. They are both bright young girls who love the band. They are always helping out others and help me in my hair salon." "Everything happens for a reason and everything will be okay."

We were then called up to the nurse at the front desk.

"The girl's are awake and the doctor would like to talk to you before you go in though. Room 514. Take the elevator to floor five and walk down the left hallway. The room should be the seventh door on the right." "Thank-you" I answered.

We walked over to the elevator in complete silence and stepped in. I pressed the button that read five and waited. The doors closed and we began venturing to the fifth floor.


We stepped out of the singing elevator and the doors closed again. We walked down the hall and discovered room 514.

The doctor had been waiting for us. He had a scar above his eyebrow, a skin-lined, scruffy beard, black hair, and chocolate eyes.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Greystone. You must be Paul and you must be Megan's mum." "Yes we are." Elizabeth answered. He then continued, "As you know, they are awake. Due to some sort of impact on their heads, they have minor concussions and severe memory loss. They can't remember anything at all. We do not know when they will gain their memory back or if it will come back because of the severity. We will give you some medicine that will help get rid of the concussions. Back to memory, just give the girls some time and if it is not better within three days, show them picture or places where precious memories have happened. They should be better. If not, it is a 90 percent chance of it never returning. You may go in and leave once we get the medication but don't be to hard and overwhelm them. I will go get the medications ready. I will be back." Then he left. We then entered the room.

Megan's POV

Everything was dark, complete emptiness. I was stuck; trapped. What do I do?




The light.....It was coming at me. Then it all of a sudden enveloped me. I could finally leave the dark and emptiness that was help captive there.



Who am I? Where am I? How did this happen?

Mystery POV

Ring Ring Ring

I heard my phone and answered it.

"Hello?" "Hi. It's me. The girls have concussions and I gave them and injection to make sure that they never regain their memory." "Excellent Greystone. Excellent." "Thank-you sir." I must go and plan our next attack." "Good sir. Bye."



*Update: July 8th, 2013

Sierra and Megan can't remember a thing. It was the past two years but I changed it. Thanks!







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