The Secret

Sierra has a huge secret that nobody knows about, only her best friend Megan knows because she has the same secret. One day, the girls go to a One Direction concert and an accident occurs. Will Sierra and Megan's secret be found by the one they love? Will it ruin relationships? Will a certain someone come back to ruin Sierra's life?
Read to find out!


10. What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Megan's POV

"First off, you are cousins. Your father's are brothers." "What? Why did you keep this from us?" I yelled without being to loud. Otherwise the boys would hear us. "Let me tell you everything and I will explain why we all kept it from you. Okay?" "I'm listening." Sierra said. "When your mom tried to become pregnant with you, I became pregnant with Megan. We found out we were both pregnant around the same time. Now, the reason I didn't tell you is because it is very dangerous, being the way that we are. It was to protect you both." "So, you know that we are mermaids?" I asked. "Yes. The area where the party is a mermaid island. It's where we go when we need to go somewhere to go. I was there and saw the entire thing. You turned early because of that cave. It is called Mystical Mermaid Cove or  Mysticum syreni Cove in Latin. Nobody knows what syreni means because mermaids throughout the centuries have hidden everything about it. I am a mermaid, Sierra's mother is a mermaid, and your father's are mermen. Have you heard of the show on Nickelodeon and Teen Nick called 'H2O'?" "Yeah?" Sierra and I said at the same time. "Well, they became mermaids earlier than they were supposed to. You officially become a mermaid at age 18. H2O teaches children about keeping the secret and to protect themselves before they know that they are mermaids or if they change early. It helps a lot." "Okay? I think I get it. But, how did you know that we turned into mermaids? Like, I know you were at the party secretly but....." I said confused. "I can read your thoughts." "Oh...." I then face-palmed myself.

"You will learn more over time, but that is as much as I can tell you. Now that you are mermaids, you must be trained by a master." "And when will that begin?" Sierra asked. "Soon. I will let you know. Now, let me give you your memories back to help you out." She then grabbed our hands and all of a sudden, my life flashed before my eyes. 

The Party, The Club, Sierra's breakup, the secret, the concert, the hospital; everything in between.

"Now, make sure that you don't remember everything. You will be weak for a few hours but your concussion will be gone and your body will perk up. Your lives are going to change drastically. Now, let's go back to the 'man-cave' before they get worried."

We were then helped back to the couch by my mom and sat down.

"What are we going to do while we wait for the paps to leave?" Louis asked. "We could watch a movie?" my mom suggested. "Sure. What should we watch then?" Liam asked. "How about Teen Beach Movie? It's Megan's favorite!" mom answered. "Yeah." We all agreed. 

She put the DVD in the DVD player, and we began to watch. I love Teen Beach Movie. I know all of the dances and songs. I also know almost all of the lines, even though it came out a little over a month ago. I think it is actually one of the best newer Disney movies. But, because I am not supposed to remember this stuff, I sang, danced, and acted in my mind. 

Towards the end of the movie, Sierra had sent me a mental message.

'Megan, I just had a vision of my parents getting into a car accident. Their car was out of control and they went off of a cliff. They fell into the deep waters. Emergency personnel are on their way to get the car out of the water. The secret helped them get out of the car. Then, they sent me a message to meet them at Mysticum syreni Cove, where we turned. The paps are gone. They also know what your mom knows. We should really get going!' 

I then looked at her and nodded. She noticed and I sent my mom a message about the paparazzi. She then nodded and said, "Let me check and see if the paparazzi are gone. Be right back." She ran up the stairs then came right back down. "They are gone. You may want to leave now before they come back."

"Yeah." Paul answered. They all stood up while Harry said, "Let's keep in touch. Call when you are both all better, then we can all hang out." "That would be great." I answered. Then they walked out the door and left.


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