The Secret

Sierra has a huge secret that nobody knows about, only her best friend Megan knows because she has the same secret. One day, the girls go to a One Direction concert and an accident occurs. Will Sierra and Megan's secret be found by the one they love? Will it ruin relationships? Will a certain someone come back to ruin Sierra's life?
Read to find out!


7. What Just Happened? Part 1


Megan's POV

Who am I? Where am I? What happened? Why can't I remember? Think, think, think..................


I sat in a white room trying to remember. It contained two beds; one for me and one for another girl. What am I doing in a hospital?

The girl was still asleep. I looked at the television that sat against the wall. It was on the news channel. It explained that it was August 3, 2013 at 11:00 at night.

I began to study the room I was currently in. Many machines and other things were to my right. There was a stainless steel table to my left sat between the two beds. An orchid was settled in a vase in the middle of it. The other side mirrored mine. A large television sat in the middle, across the room form the table. There were three chairs on both sides of the television and one was being occupied. I'm guessing he is the doctor. He was filling out some papers when he looked up and smiled a creepy smile.

"Good. Your awake. Do you remember anything?" "No. Who am I? Where am I? How did I get here?" "Exe.....okay," he answered very strangely. "Your name is Megan Dekater. You are from the United States but live here in Dublin. You were at a One Direction concert when Paul, a bodyguard, noticed you and your friend, Sierra Allanoe, who is in the bed over there," He said looking over at the girl on the other bed. That's who she is! "How come I can't remember anything?" "You must have hit your head really hard on something." "Who is this..... One Direction?" "They are a band." He said getting a scary look on his face. "They are five, evil and gay boys who use their fans for powers to themselves look good and everyone else bad." "Oh. That's terrible. But...why would I go to one of their concerts then?" "I don't know."

Then Sierra all of a sudden just woke up and began to freak out. The doctor jumped to his feet and began to calm her down. She asked multiple questions and he answered. Most were like the ones I asked, so I just began to tune them out.

When he finished answering her millions of questions, he stood up and called the front desk. He told them to send up our visitors. He continued to walk until he was outside our door just standing there. 

5 Minutes Later

A man and woman had joined us. The woman was crying and the man looked worried. The woman continued towards me and hugged me. Any harder, my insides would of no longer been inside my body. 

"Megan, it's your mom. I'm so glad you are okay. I will make sure you get your memory back." 

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