The Secret

Sierra has a huge secret that nobody knows about, only her best friend Megan knows because she has the same secret. One day, the girls go to a One Direction concert and an accident occurs. Will Sierra and Megan's secret be found by the one they love? Will it ruin relationships? Will a certain someone come back to ruin Sierra's life?
Read to find out!


9. Secrets

 Sierra's POV

"Megan freaked out because of what the the doctor said." I then explained what happened.


"One Direction?" He said beginning to get an evil grin on his face. "They are this band of five evil boys who use their popularity to their advantage. They make fun of everyone and do whatever they want. They don't deserve anything."

End of Flashback

"I'm guessing that that is why she freaked out. I do know that it isn't true. I also know what happened at the concert." I paused.

"Out with it then!" Paul replied, while driving.

"Okay. So, basically, we were at our seats having fun and singing along to all of the songs. Then all of a sudden I noticed Megan on the ground. I was then pushed into the metal bar that was in front of me. That's when I blacked out." I explained to everyone. They stared at me, trying to fully take in my story. "I also know that I am not french. That doctor seemed like a coo-coo bird."


We pulled up to a house within ten to twenty minutes of me telling everyone what happened. 

I tried to walk when I jumped out of the van, but I just fell over. Niall ran over and helped me up. Harry carried Megan into the house as she slept. Time to act like a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so cute together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niall continued to help me walk, and then sat me on the couch in the living room. Paul then sprinted inside.

"Paparazzi are here! We need to hide!" He practically screamed. 

Megan's mom ran into the room and said, "The man-cave, everyone downstairs!"

Niall helped me back up and we walked downstairs as fast as we could. Harry also carried Megan as best as he could. We all sat down somewhere in the room, and Megan had woken up, really startled. 

"Where am I? What's going on?"

"We're at home Meg. Paparazzi are surrounding our house so we are hiding in the basement or as you and your father call it, the 'man-cave'. You watch sports with your dad in here." her mom explained. Then I asked, "Where are my parents?" "I don't know. They didn't answer my call or call me back yet." Paul answered. "Okay." 

"Megan, Sierra, can I talk to you for a few minutes?" Megan's mom asked us. "Sure." we answered at the same time. Megan's mom came over and helped both of us up and helped us over to the laundry room which connected to the 'man-cave'.

"There's something I need to tell both of you.....but I'm not sure how you are going to take it." She said looking worried. 

We both sat down in two chairs that were in the room and she began to speak.



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