Running on the beach one day, Alyssa ran into Louis Tomlinson. They both had tears streaming down their faces. Alyssa was crying because she lived in a bad house with an abusive stepfather and sister. Louis was crying because of a phone call he just received. What happens when Alyssa runs away with Louis and then her abusive father and older sister hunt her down? Will she be able to escape alive?


3. Stop the Tape and Rewind

Alyssa's pov

"you little slut! You are worthless just like your mother. You should be dead just like her."He just kept yelling and yelling at me and I was ready to burst.

What had started his rant was when I came home from school fifteens minutes later than I usually do because I had to talk to a teacher about college. I couldnt wait to get out of this house when i turn eighteen. Only a few months left of school and my birthday.

However, to him, if I was more than five minutes late, I had been screwing some guy. Because I was a worthless slut in his eyes.

And each time he hit me, I thought to myself 'I deserve this'.

Why I thought that? I have no idea. I guess he beat it into me that I deserve everything he does to me. That every punch, kick, and slap is what i deserved for being me. For ruining his life. Maybe i was worthless.

The screaming and yelling finally stopped about twenty minutes later, and I felt like I couldn't get up. But I did and limped up the stairs. I changed into running shorts and a sports bra.

I could barely walk but every single time he beat me, I went for a run afterwards. It had turned into a habit and I felt like I needed to run off the pain. It cleared my head and helped me not take the next step.


Anyways, I chose to run on the beach because there was usually no one there. I put in my headphones that I had bought with my own money and plugged it into my crappy mp3 player. I got lost in the music and the feeling of my feet hitting the sand, hardened by the glistening water. I closed my eyes for a minute and the next thing i know, I was lying on the ground in pain.

It took me a minute to think about what had happened. During this time, I didn't open my eyes, but I heard a voice. But not just a voice, an angelic voice. Was I dead? I opened my eyes and a guy with brown hair and bluish-gray eyes was looking at me.

He was saying something, but i couldn't hear him. i pulled my headphones out of my ears and i heard him say "Are you alright, love?"

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